Auto Body Insurance Claims

Auto Body Insurance Claims


At Mr. Bill's Auto Body Services, we give our customers a lifetime warranty on our paint and workmanship. We are also proud to offer cost-effective and reliable services. The following will explain the insurance claims process so you know what to expect.

Choosing an Auto Body Shop

When you have been involved in an accident and need auto body repair, or your car has otherwise been damaged, it can be tempting to go to the first body shop you find or go based on your insurance company's recommendation. Insurance companies sometimes use tactics to persuade policy holders to choose a preferred body shop, sometimes going so far as to claim they cannot guarantee the work performed elsewhere. Remember that you have the legal right to choose your own auto body repair shop to fix your vehicle.

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Reporting Your Claim


The first thing you will need to do is report a claim to your insurance company, which will include a description of what happened, the severity of the damage, your information, the estimated time and location of the incident, and information about anyone else you know was involved.

Getting Your Estimate

The next step is receiving an estimate. Your insurance claims representative will prepare an initial estimate and walk you through your repair choices, including a preferred in-network repair shop, a service center, or a repair shop of your choice. This will allow repairs on your vehicle to begin.

If the body shop discovers additional damage, your claims representative has the right to "reinspect" the vehicle. This is common when a vehicle has been damaged in an accident, as damaged parts are not visible until repairs begin.

Your claims representative will base the estimate on labor and parts. The body shop's estimate may be higher or lower, in which case the representative will work with the shop to agree on a price.

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How Your Claim is Paid

In most cases, your insurance company pays the auto body shop directly for the repairs. At Mr. Bill's Body Shop, many of our repair services, including paintless dent removal, are lower than insurance deductibles, in which case you can have your vehicle repaired with no out-of-pocket costs.

If your vehicle has been damaged and you need to make an insurance claim, schedule an appointment today, for a free estimate on the work. Let your insurance company know and they will work with us directly to review the estimate and arrange payment.

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Auto Insurance Claims Facts

Keep the following information in mind as you prepare to have your vehicle repaired and make an insurance claim.

  • You have the right to choose the auto body repair shop of your choice!
  • Your insurance company should not try to influence your decision in terms of where to have your vehicle fixed.
  • Your insurance company has the right to inspect the vehicle and require that you travel a reasonable distance for this inspection, if the vehicle is in safe, driveable condition.
  • Your insurance provider may require more than one estimate before they will settle your claim. If they request more than 2 estimates, they are required to pay for each additional investment.
  • Your provider is required to return the vehicle to the condition before the incident, which may involve paying costs to repair the vehicle or offering a cash settlement.
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