Classic Cars Repair

Classic Cars Repair


At Mr. Bill's Auto Body Services, we appreciate classic cars as much as you do, and we understand that your car is more than a prized possession; it is also an investment. Rest easy knowing that your classic car will be treated with care by our licensed, certified repair technicians. When your vehicle is damaged, you should not trust just any body shop to perform the repairs. You need an auto repair shop with the experience and training specifically for luxury and classic cars.

Body Repair and Paint

Whether you have a minor dent, paint damage, or extensive damage to the body, Mr. Bill's Auto Body Services will use the best materials and state-of-the-art techniques to flawlessly restore the value and appearance of your vehicle.

Our classic car repair services include:

  • Frame-off restoration
  • Storm or hail damage repair
  • Fiberglass repair
Custom Painting Services

Classic Car Paint Repair

Does your vehicle have scratches, scuffs or chipped paint? Mr. Bill's Auto Body Services flawlessly repairs most scratches and chips with no paint necessary. Our technicians can professionally buff away most imperfections and scratches to retain the original paint finish and value of your vehicle. This typically takes less than two hours at a cost that is lower than most insurance deductibles.

If you have chipped paint due to rocks, debris, gravel or road rash, schedule repairs right away before the chips get worse and allow rusting. Our advanced auto chip repair service can eliminate chips without detection.

When buffing is not enough, we use state-of-the-art paint matching technology to repair the damage and spot blending for a perfect finish.

Classic Cars Repair

Classic Car Custom Paint Jobs

If your finish is beyond repair due to clear coat delamination, extensive cracks, peeling, salt damage, extensive rust or fading, it is probably time for a new paint job. Whether you want to restore the appearance of your vehicle or you want a new look, we offer professional classic car custom paint jobs with thousands of colors to improve the shine, depth and weather resistance of your vehicle's finish.

Paintless Dent Repair

If you have small dings, dents, hail damage, creases or other damage that has not damaged the paint finish, paintless dent removal (PDR) is the best choice. This repair service can save thousands and preserve your original finish by carefully pushing the dent out from inside, or pulling it from the outside. Our dent removal technicians fine tune each repair to remove the tiniest high spots and blend when necessary. This repair method avoids the risk of mismatching paint, overspray or damage from other repair methods.

Body Repair and Paint

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